Team Rosters

2014-2015 team pages:

18 Elite
17 Elite
17 Molten
16 Elite
15 Elite
15 Molten
14 Elite
14 Molten
14 Black

13 Elite
13 Molten
12 Elite
12 Molten
12 Black

We also expect to have 6-10 SMG Youth Teams and 2 Junior High League Teams this year

  • All Nike teams 13s and up will be travel teams.  Travel teams will compete in 10-11 tournaments throughout the season including 3 qualifiers.  At least one qualifier will be out of state.  11s and 12s Nike teams may or may not travel within the state.  This decision will be made at a later date.
  • 13 Nike and all Molten teams 12s and up will be travel teams as well and will compete in 10-11 tournaments.  15s-18s Molten teams will travel out of state.  13s-14s Molten teams may be limited to traveling in state only.  The travel tournament schedule for 13s-14s will be determined once the team selection is completed. 
  • All Black & Blue teams will be limited travel or local teams and will compete in 10 tournaments.  Limited travel means that the team may travel within the state of Texas only.  15s and up may travel within the state. 14 and under Black teams will stay local and play in the Houston area only.
  • SMG Youth League (Developmental) & JRHL teams will compete only in the Houston area.
Rosters & Recruiting
2014 Club Tryout

Tryouts have been completed!

Positions still available in each age group 10's-17's!

Makeup Tryouts can be done by appointment.

Email to set up a time.

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